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Radwag Pue, Pue Hy10 Weighing Terminal

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Radwag, PUE HY10.BAR.RS485.12IO.B, PUE HY10 Stainless Steel Weighing Terminal, RS485, Wireless Interface, 12 In / 12 Out, Bar Code Scanner LS2208 PUE HY10 terminal is a constructional component of load cell scales, dosing devices, formula-making scales and sets designed to perform operations such as labeling and counting

  • Description
  • Pre-Packaged Goods' regulation of 7-th May 2009 Journal of Laws No 91, item 740 , on the requirements concerning quantity inspection of pre-packaged goods control, which inspection is to be carried out by means of random selection of the measurements results and sending those results to pre-packaged goods control procedure

    100001 is saved, the measurement 1 gets automatically deleted from the memory

    Alibi Memory - Alibi memory enables saving and storing up to 100000 measurements

    Area of use Industrial weighing systems, favoring PUE HY10 application owing to its solid, durable construction and ease of operation

    Collected data allows you to assess quality of produced pre-packaged goods and their conformity with Internal quality control system

    Construction PUE HY10 terminal is housed in a stainless steel casing with IP68/69

    Different types of weighing instruments can be combined into a network

    Functions Statistical Quality Control - Statistical control for determination of basic statistical criteria maximum, minimum, standard deviation, mean values for each batch, etc

    Industrial systems intended for the following operations performance counting, labeling, dosing, making formulas

    It is automatically finished after a respective quantity of packages is verified

    It is possible to pause the transaction or abort it

    Measurements are saved automatically upon each pressing of the key

    Measurements saved to balance memory cannot be deleted

    Packaged Goods Control - Pre-packaged Goods Control mode enables to collect weighings from RADWAG-designed weighing instruments, carry out control and generate PGC reports

    The control can be started on a balance or via computer software

    The following data related with the measurements is saved measurement date measurement time result mass tare value operator carrying out the measurement logged in product name

    The function supports warehouse management in an enterprise.

    The software saves the measurement in a so called loop, i.e

    The terminal features 10, 1 touchscreen display and numerous ports allowing connection of various devices

    There is no need for any additional operations or changing settings

    Transactions - Complex weighing mode for registration of weighings that are part of transactions such as sale, purchase and warehouse transfer

    You can create a new transaction using the scale

    You can preview and print out the data saved to the Alibi database

    When the measurement no