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Nibco Nf85Hna, Tpc-585-66-Lf-Ns Ball Valve, Nib-Seal Handle

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NIBCO, NF85HNA, TPC-585-66-LF-NS Ball Valve, 1" Press x Thread Nib-Seal Handle The NIBCO® Press System ball valve body is manufactured from lead free* HydraPure® Performance Bronze® alloy and is dezincification resistant

  • Description
  • Features Valve pressure rating 250 psi/17.2 bar non-shock cold working pressure Maximum service temperature 250 deg F Full port Stainless steel trim Blowout-proof stem Reinforced PTFE seat rings Threaded x press female end connections Press leak-detection feature Multiple handle options, including NIB-Seal reg Dezincification resistant Conforms to MSS SP-110 IAPMO-IGC-157 NSF/ANSI-61-8 Commercial Hot 180 deg F includes Annex F and G NSF/ANSI-372

    Properly applying pressure from a press-fit tool tightens the O-ring onto the tube, ensuring a clean, permanent, watertight seal in seconds, with no flame, solder or flux

    The NIBCO reg Press System is user friendly, quick and easy to install

    The ball valve is designed with threaded by press-to-connect copper end connections and is an ideal valve for the transition of connection types

    The lead free HydraPure reg Performance Bronze reg ball valve is specifically designed for use in systems that deliver water for human consumption

    This ball valve features a new design that allows a leak to occur during testing if the press connection is not properly crimped

    When properly crimped a unique quot N quot witness mark is clearly visible