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Quik-Stiks From Oncourt Offcourt

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Looking for singles sticks that are easy to travel around with? These collapse down to a third of their original size, making them perfect for storing in your tennis bag for your next match

  • Description
  • Place each Quik Stik 3 feet 0.914 m outside the singles line on each side using the 3 foot mark on each Quik Stik to measure

    Quik-Stiks from Oncourt Offcourt

    Sold as a pair Perfect for teams or any tournament player Assembles in seconds 3-Foot indicator on stick for easy measurement from the singles line for perfect placement on the net Collapsable down to only 16 long Velcro strap included to secure collapsed sticks Please note the blue color has been discontinued

    These easy to store singles sticks are perfect for the serious player preparing for their next tournament, or for teams that lack storage space to keep full-length sticks

    They are made in the U.S.A

    They assemble easily in seconds and the ends have heavy duty plastic pieces that assure they don't slip off the net or court

    With high-quality materials, so they'll last for years